Innovative and intelligent software solutions for the health care sector, pharmaceutical companies and the printing industry.


We develop tailor-made software products and components for integration into existing systems – individually and specifically for specific sectors.


A large number of our clients come from the health care sector. We have been a firm partner of the Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (ASHIPs) for many years now, supporting them with a wide range of software solutions, e.g. for complex processes involved in billing physicians’ fees or with WEB-based applications for data collection. We also specialise in testing systems for checking print images – with our Pixel Proof software we support, for example, clients in the pharmaceutical and printing industries.


for us means:

efficient software, tailored to meet our clients’ needs. We measure this quality on our constantly growing base of satisfied clients.

for us means:

developing new ideas based on our know- how and experience, using state-of-the-art technologies and well-coordinated teams.

for us means:

reliability, comprehensive customer support and product maintenance as the basis for long-term cooperation. The continuous exchange of information with our clients, working together on the further development our products, as well as networking, for example, via our client online portal, are of key importance to us.


Our team currently numbers almost 50 people. The different ages of our employees enable us to successfully combine decades of experience with fresh ideas. Customizing our software solutions to our clients’ requirements often presents us with challenges that we approach with great motivation and enthusiasm. Particularly complex tasks and problems is something we greatly enjoy solving.

We provide support to customers around the world. The internationality of our clients is also reflected among our employees. The combination of different cultural backgrounds and German virtues promotes teamwork and creative development.

Dipl. Phys.
Lucjan Suchy

Email: lucjan.suchy@gradient.de
Phone: +49 / 7731 / 7977220
Dipl. Phys.
Matthias Richter

Email: matthias.richter@gradient.de
Phone: +49 / 7731 / 7977210
Dipl. Inform.
Marcel Mämpel
Managing Direrctor

Email: marcel.maempel@gradient.de
Phone: +49 / 7731 / 7977246

Grit Bode-Hoffmann
Project Manager eDoku.net

Email: grit.bode-hoffmann@gradient.de
Phone:+49 / 36459 / 65011
Dipl. Inform.
Jürgen Dums
Divisional Management ArtworkPlus

Email: juergen.dums@gradient.de
Phone:+49 / 7332 / 309100

Marion Edelmann-Franik
Project Manager KV.net2, dsp@xka, EBM.net, KVOnline.net, AKON.net

Email: marion.edelmann-franik@gradient.de
Phone:+49 / 151 / 54446611

Frank Gilsebach
Sales Manager Pharmaceutical & Printing Industry

Email: frank.gilsebach@gradient.de
Phone:+49 / 172 / 6134713
Dipl. Ing.
Rodica Kisch
Senior Manager Comercial Sales Administration

Email: rodica.kisch@gradient.de
Phone:+49 / 7731 / 7977215
Dipl. Ing.
Markus Müller
Sales Manager Health Care

Email: markus.mueller@gradient.de
Phone:+49 / 151 / 18818782
Nazar Naychuk
Head of Development Proof Solutions

Email: nazar.naychuk@gradient.de
Phone:+49 / 151 / 54446621

Andrea Jentzsch
Project Manager KV.net1 and QS.net

Email: andrea.jentzsch@gradient.de
Phone:+49 / 151 / 11432171
Dipl. Inform.
Holger Klaussner
Quality Management Representative

Email: holger.klaussner@gradient.de
Phone:+49 / 7731 / 7977225

Klaus Waldherr
Sales Manager Proof Solutions

Email: klaus.waldherr@gradient.de
Phone:+49 / 151 / 11432175





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