Application for online processing invoices from rescue operation.

The RD.net program is based on the technological principles of esQlab.online.
There are two parts to the program.
• Rettungsdienst.Web (web application)
• Rettungsdienst.Admin (administration application)
The Rettungsdienst application is for processing invoices from rescue operations, thus allowing participating physicians to record such operations online.

The main advantage is that no practice administration system is necessary. All you need is a standard PC with internet access. Data exchange is effected via a secure channel. In the case of computer failure, replacement equipment can be connected and work continued. The ASHIP guarantees the security and availability of the accounting data. This program is currently being used in Thuringia.

“Rettungsdienst” enables documents to be recorded, checked, deleted or corrected and printed, in so far as they have not been released for further processing to the ASHIPs or National ASHIPs.


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